Concrete Repairs / Joint Sealing

Territory Construction Solutions are experienced at handling all of your concrete maintenance including concrete repairs and joint sealing.
When repairing concrete our team will identify the right method to safely repair the problem. Concrete repairs include "Concrete Cancer", Spalling, crack injection etc. Concrete Cancer occurs when deterioration of the reinforcement bar occurs due to corrosion. Concrete repairs include removal of spalling concrete and corroded reinforcement bar, replacement of reinforcement bar and reinstatement of repair mortar to match existing.
Crack or grout injection is a versatile method of repairing many concrete faults. By injecting a hydroactive resin based grout into the crack or defect, this will expand to strengthen the structure. Hydroactive resins react with water becoming a foam or gel which effectively seals the fault, stopping water penetration.
As crack or grout injection seals even with water present it is suitable for a range of purposes from swimming pools to water contaminated tanks and even basements of car parks.
Joint sealing is used to stop air, water and other environmental elements from penetrating a structure and weakening it over time. Polyurethane based products are used as joint sealants to stop compounds entering and also limit joint mobility.
We offer a free assessment and quote for all our services.
Territory Construction Solutions can tackle all of your concrete repairs, sealing and coating projects. These include joint sealing, crack injection, epoxy flooring and water proofing to chemical and acid resistant coatings. We will undertake projects of any scale.