Chemical / Acid Resistant Coatings

Our company offers a variety of coatings targeted towards protecting surfaces from the impact of corrosion, chemicals and acid.
Territory Construction Solutions specialises in the application of Tufflon P90 Pure Polyurea Tufflon products are all 100% solids (solvent free) "Pure Polyurea" spray elastomers suitable for coating, lining, tanking, jointing, abrasive and chemical resistance. They gel quickly to form a thick film seamless lining or joint filler with a vice grip to most surfaces. They protect against wear, chemical attack, impact and corrosion and form durable water proof membranes that are safe for use with drinking water. Unlike paint or epoxy, the Tufflon range is elastomeric and remains permanently flexible, moving and conforming to subtle changes in the substrate without cracking or flaking. They can be walked on, tiled over, painted, back filled or rained on within a few minutes after application with peak physical properties taking up to seven days to develop. There application is unaffected by atmospheric humidity or temperature.
Tufflon is ideal for lining and remediation in sewerage and water assets where a high strength, smooth, durable, seamless, easy to clean finish is required. They exhibit excellent adhesion to freshly blasted steel with or without primers. Territory Construction Solutions is an authorised and trained applicator to install Tufflon systems using specialised plural component spray equipment.
Due to the rapid reaction time of Tufflon moisture will not affect its set up or curing. This is a great benefit in high humidity climates or regions with relatively high rainfalls such as the monsoon. It is also resistant to petroleum based chemicals such as gasoline, hydraulic fluid, diesel fuel, motor oil and toluene. Inorganic acids and alkalis such as sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide and hydrogen sulphide are also well tolerated. Its high tolerance to sulphuric acid and hydrogen sulphide makes it particularly suitable for use in protecting and sealing sewerage assets. Territory Construction Solutions carries out the application of Tufflon P90 on sewerage assets throughout Darwin and the remote areas of the Northern Territory.
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Territory Construction Solutions can tackle all of your sealing and coating projects. These include joint sealing, crack injection, epoxy flooring and water proofing to chemical and acid resistant coatings. We will undertake projects of any scale.